The gold-standard solution for automated detection of Child Sexual Exploitation content.

State of the art machine learning to categorise images and videos at scale.

The only classifier in the world trained on the UK CAID.


Remove and lock out harmful content from your platform

Prevent your platform from being used as a conduit for CSE content. Lock it out, disconnect the distributors, and most importantly, help overcome the real human tragedy at its origin.

Reduce your moderators’ workload and exposure to sensitive material

Lessen the scale of the task, and give your analysts more control over what they see. They’ll work to confirm the classifier’s selections category by category, instead of evaluating large volumes of random media image by image.

Increase the scale at which you analyse content

Able to categorise at lightning speed, our solutions act as force-multipliers for your analysts. They will move from a moderation backlog to proactively identifying, categorising, and removing CSE content from your platform.

Selected by the UK Home Office for roll-out across all UK Police Forces.

Now available to selected organisations worldwide.