Our Story

Vigil AI is a British technology firm focused on curbing Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) through the use of state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Originating from the engagement with the UK National Crime Agency and Home Office, Vigil has developed an automated solution with the capability to spot and classify child abuse imagery as well as the best-trained law enforcement operators.

The Vigil AI CAID Classifier was developed by a team of computer vision and machine learning experts (with a background in solving complex Defence and National Security projects), and with the direction of specialist child protection and victim identification law enforcement detectives from the UK. It is the only classifier in the world to have been trained on the UK Child Abuse Image Database (CAID, read more about CAID here), and therefore implements the finest grained categorisation standards available, delivering the best possible operational value.

The VIGIL AI CAID Classifier was officially launched in 2019 by the UK Home Secretary, who described it as “game-changing technology”. The Home Office has since selected it to be rolled out across all UK Police Forces.