Combating Child Abuse with Artificial Intelligence

Our AI is relentless. It looks at millions of images every day to root out illegal content.


For Police

  • Identify and safeguard victims sooner.

  • Gain immediate insights into offender’s sexual interests to manage risk.

  • Cut the psychological harm to investigators.

  • Move from a forensic backlog to proactive policing.

For Service Providers:

  • Root out illegal content.

  • Look after the psychological well-being of your moderators.

  • Scale moderation to meet your data demands.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to end sexual violence against children.

Vigil AI detects, categorises and evaluates child abuse content with no human interaction.


About us

The team behind Vigil AI includes some of the UK’s leading experts in automated content analysis. We have a unique mix of in-depth CSE domain knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge machine learning and image recognition.

Our backend services are built to handle large volumes of content using GPU acceleration and horizontal scaling.


Contact Us

Vigil AI is available now via our Early Adopter Programme and will be available through an API that plugs into your software of choice.

The classifier is the culmination of two years of fundamental research and development.

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